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Troy Thomas is a traveling photographer and videographer. He is a native of East Orange, New Jersey relocated to Burlington, NC and currently resides in Raleigh, NC. He has traveled and has done creative work throughout the Southeastern region of the United States. Troy is a proud alumnus of Shaw University, where he majored in Mass Communications. At the age of 22, Troy started his own business, Thomas Photography & Film LLC. Photography and film will always be Troy’s first love and through his passion he captures lasting moments with his camera. Troy continues to reach for his dreams without letting anything or anyone get in his way and has recently opened his own studio space in Durham NC. He is now operating in 3 different cities in North Carolina. Troy is a man of God and knows he is a man with purpose, as he continues to walk by faith and not by sight he stays committed and optimistic about building his empire in order to leave a legacy.


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